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Restoracing: Round 3 at Brands Hatch


For the third round of the Porsche Classic Restoracing Championship 2019, the team returned to Brands Hatch. Ollie was keen to get a good day of racing under his belt after car issues had already left him with one race unfinished.

The track was damp on Sunday morning as the team prepared the Coca-Cola liveried car. Practice on the Friday had been dry, so the change of conditions meant a different type of racing. Ollie is confident driving on a wet track so he had the weather he was hoping for. The shorter Indy Circuit would therefore play to his strengths.

There were only 14 cars on the grid for qualifying. The day before, the Porsche Centre Chester team sent their car out for last minute practice with the Porsche 911 Class 2 cars and had a bit of a bump. The damage could not be repaired in time, so they had to sit the qualifying out.

Qualifying got off to a bumpy start as Nottingham spun at the first corner. Their driver adeptly saved it at the last second and then accelerated in a straight line to get away clear. Porsche Centre Bournemouth was leading the pack and setting good lap times.

Ollie was driving well as he took seconds off his lap times, completing the Indy Circuit in 56.1 on his fastest lap - only 0.6 seconds behind Bournemouth.

The competition was fierce and Ollie managed to manoeuvre to third place, but unfortunately couldn’t hold off Wally’s Jeans, the Pink Pig and Premier Panel’s car, and ultimately took fourth position. 

Race 1

The sun had now returned and the track was drier for the first race. The Boxsters at the front of the pack didn’t get away as well as those in the second and third rows and, as the packed grid tried to navigate the first bend, the Swindon Coca-Cola Boxster unfortunately took a hit.

Swindon then knocked into Hatfield which resulted in a spin into the wall. Ollie came away from the accident unharmed, although very disappointed. The car was lifted off the track so that the race could resume.

The team of Porsche-trained Technicians from Swindon were there to comfort Ollie and to assess the damage to the Boxster. On inspection, they found a broken suspension arm which meant an early and frustrating finish to the day’s racing. The team towed the car back to Porsche Centre Swindon and were in the workshop the very next day to begin work repairing the car.

Ollie and the team are looking forward to making a comeback in just under three weeks’ time at Snetterton Circuit once they have repaired the suspension on the Coca-Cola Boxster.

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