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Restoracing Brands Hatch

Restoracing: Round 2 at Brands Hatch


On the first May Bank Holiday weekend, the second round of the Porsche Classic Restoracing Championship 2019 took place at Brands Hatch. Our Driver Ollie had two podium finishes at Brands Hatch in 2018, so the team was excited to return to the track. After the technical issues the car had in the first round of the season, our Restoracing team spent Friday ensuring the Boxster was back on form.


The starting grid was made up of 39 cars as the Class 1 and 2 Porsche cars joined the Boxsters on the track. The team’s hard work paid off when our Boxster achieved fourth place in the first race and sixth for the second qualified.

Race 1

Race 1 got off to a good start for Ollie, moving swiftly from fourth to second place. Nottingham and Wolverhampton’s Pink Pig was able to overtake our number 39 car, whilst Swindon and Nottingham battled for third place. There was a dramatic end to the race as all three categories fought for final positions. Ollie finished the race in fourth position, compounding the team’s success at Donington two weeks prior.

Race 2

As Race 2 loomed, so did the weather - the rain didn’t hold off for the whole day. Ollie was excited to race on the wet track and got off to a brilliant start, up into fourth from sixth by the first corner. 

When two cars from Class 1 spun off at Paddock Hill, Ollie was out in front. However, when our Coca-Cola Boxster locked up going into Druids, Ollie ended up in the gravel. As the Safety Car was already out for the previous incident, the marshals pushed the Boxster out of the gravel and back into the race.

When the Safety Car was back in and the race resumed, there was little time left on the very wet track. The drivers weren’t able to pick up much speed, so the positions remained much the same until the end of the race. Those who tried to speed up, did so at their peril - as displayed by the Wilmslow Boxster which dramatically span off the track as he exited Druids…twice!

By this point Ollie was nearly a lap down, but he managed to catch up with the group trailing the Safety Car to finish in tenth position. This was further down the grid than we hoped for, but the team was happy the car survived this difficult round unscathed!

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